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My Story


Over the years I have studied with many great teachers including; QHHT founder the late Dolores Cannon, Spiritual and Empowerment Coaches, Paul and Jaylee Balch at InspireSphere, Hypnosist Jodi Cross where I received my National Guild of Hypnotists Certification along with many inspiring yoga teachers including; Janet Stone, Melanie Veenstra at Harmanie Yoga, Pam Barrett, Brigitte Kortright, and Marina MacLean to name a few.

As a global traveler, I have spent many years exploring various parts of the world, most memorable in South Africa where I dove into the study of the many facets of metaphysics, which helped deepen my curiosity about how the mind creates our reality and where I discovered first hand that we each can create magic.


My passion for Yoga, in particular, guided meditation, brought me to the study of hypnosis.  Similar to guided meditation but at a much deeper level, both relax the conscious mind allowing access to the subconscious mind where change can happen. A certified practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques (QHHT®), a method developed by the late Dolores Cannon. In my role, I guide clients through regression sessions to explore unexamined aspects of their mind, body, and spirit. 


These techniques have proven very effective in many areas of health including insomnia, pain management, dealing with loss, life purpose, and breaking unhelpful habits. I am pleased to be bringing these modalities to my community.


Life is a never-ending journey of exploration and I am so grateful for the amazing people along my path that are continuing to guide me as I learn and upgrade my knowledge to help others. I am excited to assist others on their journey to access the potent part of themselves that holds all the answers.

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