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Yoga Class

Yoga is an exploration of self and I encourage my students to turn their attention inward to understand what is real for them in each moment.


I started practicing yoga in 1995 with the news of my first pregnancy. Looking for something that would stretch & strengthen my newly forming body, relax my mind and ease the anxiety of childbirth; yoga was the perfect fit.


Many years later, as a certified Hatha yoga instructor, my vision is to create an open and safe environment in which new and experienced students can comfortably practice.
Students will learn to establish a rhythm using breath and movement while becoming aware of their bodies and creating stillness within their minds. Connecting with their inner messenger and learning how to nurture themselves.



What students are saying…”Just wanted to thank you for a great class today.  I was so stiff when we began I had my doubts whether I could keep up.  With the proper stretching and your patient teaching I felt wonderful later. ” Eleanor

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